Power 2 X Collaborators


B9 Energy Storage Ltd was formed in 2013 as a Power-to-X project developer to provide practical solutions to the worsening problem of wind farm curtailment in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

We have created a techno-economic model through the H2020 programme, securing funding from Small Business Research Initiative, The Department of the Economy Northern Ireland and the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. We develop first-of-a-kind projects in the wastewater, mobility and power generation sectors. We have also purchased and deployed our first electrolyser, formed collaborations with multiple stakeholders and boast a portfolio of development projects that can deliver the 1GW Power-to-X capacity required to meet the UK Government’s 2030 wind energy expansion targets.

Visit: b9energy.co.uk


The Net Zero Technology Centre, created as part of the Aberdeen City Region Deal, aims to develop and deploy technology to accelerate an affordable net zero energy industry.

The Centre works with its partners on seizing the opportunity to inspire creativity, drive innovation, and secure the support needed to deliver sustainable energy long term.

Co-investing with industry and working in partnership with the public and private sectors, the NZTC is funding R&D, driving investment, building a clean energy eco-system and influencing policy to accelerate the transition and close the gap on net zero technologies.

The NZTC is working cross-sector and internationally to tackle the most complex and most critical technology challenges; commercialising game-changing innovations, helping developers secure field trials, and accelerating those tech start-ups with the most promising clean energy solutions.

Visit: netzerotc.com


Islandmagee Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harland & Wolff Group Holding plc. It is the only large-scale gas storage project in the entire island of Ireland and lends itself naturally to boosting the security of energy supply to the UK.

The gas storage project was first established in 2010 when a layer of salt was discovered 1500m underneath Larne Lough. This salt layer is ideal for the establishment of underground gas storage caverns. This form of storage allows for high deliverability rates into and out of the store, helping to balance the gas network in times of peak stress.

Visit: islandmageeenergy.com


A major player in the Northern Ireland energy sector, Mutual Energy manages vital gas and electricity assets linking NI to Great Britain, including the Moyle Interconnector and the Scotland to Northern Ireland gas pipeline.

Mutual Energy’s governance is unique within the industry. Under the mutual model, the organisation does not have shareholders and reinvests the money it earns for the long-term benefit of Northern Ireland’s energy consumers.

Mutual Energy’s mission is to operate its business in the interests of consumers and return savings to Northern Ireland’s customers over the lifetime of its assets. The company has also established a dedicated team to focus on Northern Ireland’s transition to net zero, working with key stakeholders to identify and promote strategies that deliver on net zero goals in the most cost-effective way for consumers and ensuring security of supply is maintained.

Visit: mutual-energy.com